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✨glow ahead✨ Face Oil

Éire Skincare

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Get ready for a major glow up with this 1oz all natural face oil. This highly effective oil is guaranteed to cause a glow that you will not forget!

ingredients:  jojoba oil.prickly pear seed oil.camelllia oil.rosehip oil.elderberry extract.helichrysum.frankincense and rose geranium essential oils.

Jojoba oil- ideal for hydration.  A great skin softener high in vitamin E.  Helps to balance oil production. Mimics our skin’s natural sebum. 

Prickly pear seed oil- rich in many properties that make it nutritious and healing for the skin and hair. Light consistency and conditions and strengthens hair. Rich in vitamin E and K, and essential fatty acids which help restore the balance of natural oils.

Camellia oil- A very light oil that won't clog your pores.  Keeps your skin moist and supple.  A natural source of antioxidants and Vitamin A and B.  The antioxidant composition of the oil is notable for its anti-aging abilities.  These vitamins also improve skin elasticity, nourishes skin cells and aid in the prevention of the formation of wrinkles and fine lines.

Rosehip oil- Rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants which are integral for tissue and cell regeneration in the skin.  Aids in reduction of scars and fine lines.

Elderberry extract- Packed with antioxidants and vitamins.  Anti-aging properties that keep your skin radiant.  It’s antiviral properties aid in fighting acne. Also, it acts as a detox to help prevent scars.

Helichrysum oil- Reduces inflammation, scars and promotes healthy skin cell regeneration.  Give you a healthy glow.

Frankincense oil moisturizes hair follicles and helps to prevent and treat hair loss.

Rose Geranium oil-  Acts as a great astringent that tightens, brightens and removes dead skin cells.  Can also be aid in treating bacterial acne.