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Beard Oil

Éire Skincare

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Get ready to transform your unruly beard with this 1oz all natural beard oil.  While your hair needs attention, the skin underneath needs just as much care.  This effective beard oil is filled with several amazing oils that help nourish both skin and hair.

ingredients:  grapeseed oil.jojoba oil.prickly pear seed oil.argan oil.frankincense.lavender and geranium essential oils.

Grapeseed oil- has a great amount of vitamin E, non-comedogenic , treats acne, tightens skin, reduces scars.

Jojoba oil- ideal for hydration.  A great skin softener high in vitamin E.  Helps to balance oil production. Mimics our skin’s natural sebum. Helps prevent hair breakage.

Prickly pear seed oil- rich in many properties that make it nutritious and healing for the skin and hair. Light consistency and conditions and strengthens hair. Rich in vitamin E and K, and essential fatty acids which help restore the balance of natural oils.

Argan oil- Rich in Vitamin E which aids in stimulating hair grown and helps to repair and prevent split ends. Eases inflammation while moisturizing the skin. Effective treatment to soothe the skin.  Helps to tame the hair while promoting a healthy shine.

Frankincense oil moisturizes hair follicles and helps to prevent and treat hair loss.

Lavender oil restores skin complexion and reduces acne. And has antimicrobial properties which helps to prevent dandruff and relieve dryness. 

Geranium oil is an astringent and it aids with fading scars. A very uplifting aroma.